What’s All The Buzz About? Membership Specials!

Sugar & Hive Beauty Bar in Richmond, Virginia offers ONE TIME ONLY pre-opening membership specials! For the next 50 days, the first 100 members can join the Sugar & Hive family for a significantly discounted price! 

It’s hard to believe the time has come, sugar. The Sugar & Hive website is now LIVE, ready for you to book your appointments! (Handling the flood of appointments on my own has been such an encouraging welcome, but I’ll admit, I’m happy to let technology do its automated thing. Click here to book an appointment!). Our temporary location is up and running. I just left our future Greengate home where the floors are installed and the walls are up. My dream is becoming my reality, and I’ve never experienced anything like it! 


This is a journey I want to share. I want Sugar & Hive to be the place that offers you an experience unlike any other. Think about it! Only sweet things come from the inside of a beehive. I want Sugar & Hive to be your go-to for a luxury beauty experience, but more than that, I want it to be your home for all things beauty. 

They say home is where the heart is, and I’ve poured my heart into Sugar & Hive. That being said, a home is not complete without a family. It’s time to grow the Sugar & Hive family with a once-in-a-lifetime membership special. In a sense, this is the opportunity to be a part of the original Sugar & Hive members, the VIPs, as it were! For the next 50 days, I’m SO excited to offer these two never-to-happen-again opportunities to the first 100 members to sign up!

1.) Hydrafacial MD 12 Month Membership - 

The Hyrdafacial MD membership features our 45 Minute Classic service. This experience gives you all of the essentials with the added benefit of targeting fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots, or uneven skin tone with the use of the DermaBuilder™ or Britenol® booster. We finish off the treatment with LED light therapy to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving your skin smooth, plump and bright! Ordinarily, this service is priced as $199/month or $2,388/year. But with this Hydrafacial MD special membership, we’re offering this service for $1,000/year! That’s a savings of $1,388! Payment options:  Pre-paid, 2 Installments or 3 Installments.

2.) The Essentials 12 Month Membership - 

This 12 month membership includes a monthly brow wax, lash lift, and lash tint for $500/year. That means a savings of $820 for the year! Pre-paid, 2 installments or 3 installments.

Consistency is the key to healthy and glowing skin. Our memberships are the conduit to the benefits of consistent skin-care! Through March 12th, we’re SO excited to grow the Sugar & Hive family! Click here to claim a special that won’t happen again! 

Caroline Kalentzos