Welcome to Sugar & Hive!

Learn more about Summer Layton, the beauty connoisseur behind Sugar & Hive, here to offer you a beauty experience sweeter than any other! 

Sugar & Hive is Richmond's first open-concept beauty bar specializing in skin, lashes, and brows.  Sugar & Hive is the manifestation of my biggest dream. Actually, Sugar & Hive is the dream of any woman who looks for beauty services that actually deliver on their promise — waxes without the redness, facials with lasting effects, brows with a perfectly natural shape, and lashes that last.

I’ve always been an avid consumer of all things beauty. From a young age, I learned the importance of washing my face day and night, the necessity of trial and error, discovering the difference between mediocre products and products that actually made a difference. My beauty philosophy? Beauty doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive.

Unfortunately, after years of less than satisfactory beauty experiences, I discovered that very few beauty salons share my same beauty philosophy! There was a niche to be filled and I decided it was up to me to fill it! I sold my insurance company. The time came to combine my passion for all things beauty with my business background. It was time to pour my heart and soul into something I care about so very much!


One of my favorite movies is “Steel Magnolias.” What I loved most about the movie is that it combined everything I love: beauty and that sweet southern hospitality that is elegant and warm. Truvy’s salon was a gathering place, a place where one truly cared for and wanted only the best for their clients because they were their friends. 

“I’d rather 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.” 

— Shelby, “Steel Magnolias”

Sugar & Hive operates under the idea that less is more

I am convinced that great skin does not correlate to hours spent in the spa. I want to be accommodating with my clients' time and to offer services that are truly results-driven. 30 minutes of wonderful is entirely possible by using only the highest quality products and services.  

I am convinced that with great products that work and routine skin maintenance, you will have great skin, brows, and lashes. The result? You use less product, you use less makeup, and your skin is hydrated and glowing. 

I am convinced that Sugar & Hive can deliver these results better than anyone else!

I've discovered what I don’t like in order to offer you what I love: Long, lush lashes, smooth and glowing skin that is healthy and nourished and perfect brows.

I've turned what I love into a business and can’t wait to share the sweetest Sugar & Hive experience with you! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @sugarandhive and find us on Facebook!