Skin, Brené, Silence, Reflection, Love, and a Labyrinth Circle…

The Labyrinth Circle

The Labyrinth Circle

Lately, I have been going down a rabbit hole of silence and reflection.  I have been completely quiet on social media and with friends.  I have been obsessing over all books by Brené Brown and all of her YouTube videos and her Ted Talks.  I have been devouring Gabrielle Bernstein books such as The Universe Has Your Back.  I have been practicing my breathing and exploring meditation.  I recently went to Arizona to stay at a wellness resort with a very close friend and I walked The Labyrinth at The Miraval Resort and I wrote out my very own personal faith statement and, in the process, walked away from my phone. It was a no cell phone zone!  I said a couple of curse words the day of arrival when the attendant at the front desk handed me a cell phone sleeve.  

WHAT?!?!  The panic and anxiety I felt walking away from my phone was overwhelming. 

 Where does this all come from?


 I am on this path to become more centered and to be the very best person I can be which will allow me to lead better and manage myself better and be a better mentor to my employees and anyone else around me and it will also allow me to serve you better.  I am on a path to release people that take up space in my life but serve no purpose or reciprocity.  This means being completely honest, reflective, and realistic about who is my friend and who is supporting me and loving me and reciprocating.  This is a hard thing to do and I am going to do it slowly.

 Going down this path also means identifying what self-care really means!  What I am discovering is that SELF-CARE is SELF-LOVE! Being centered and being the very best version of yourself means loving yourself and it requires daily attention.

What does this all mean to Sugar & Hive and how does it relate to what we offer and what we do? Well, I will tell you!  IT IS OUR WHY. Taking care of your skin is one way of showing yourself love and respect.  We offer more than just a facial or a service.  We offer you a time out of your busy day where you are the main focus! Our skin is our largest and most exposed organ and we need to love it and nurture it.  I say this ALL THE TIME!  This is a way to love yourself.  This is one of the ways I love myself.  It is a way to look in the mirror after having consistent professional treatment with your skin BFF and to say to yourself:  I LOVE MY SKIN!

 Taking care of ourselves is something that we ALL need to explore and evaluate.  So, I challenge you:  




Summer Layton