Sugar & Hive Beauty Bar Turned 1!!!! A Heartfelt Thank You...

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So, a really amazing thing happened recently.  WE TURNED ONE!!!  I have not been able to write about it or acknowledge it with the exception of a video I posted that expired after 24 hours where I did a super composed ugly-cry!  Needless to say, I am happy that the video disappeared because it was impossible to put into words what I needed to say and what I really wanted to say.

First, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your tremendous love and support of Sugar & Hive.  Second, I want to let you know how incredibly grateful I am for all of you.  You have made this journey so much more than I ever expected it to be or thought it would be.  Words will never be able to express exactly how I feel.

Sugar & Hive started with a thought back in 2015.  I worked in the insurance industry since I was 18.  I started at Geico.  I worked my way up and from firm to firm to learn more and more until I finally had the courage to go out on my own in 2008.  My son was 8 months old when I made the move to Richmond and opened my very own insurance agency.  Mind you, I didn't know a soul and started with NOTHING but ambition and a serious drive that I could do things better than where I had been.  Where I came from was amazing so it was naive to think I could fulfill that goal.  Long story short, I have this creative side.  I have this passion for beauty and I would spend my time getting services here and there and it was ALWAYS MEDIOCRE.  I had a business coach tell me to indulge in self care as a way to reward myself for meeting my goals at work.  I did just that.  Every two weeks I would visit my nail salon and get a manicure and pedicure and my brows waxed.  I started to pay attention to how it was run and what I would do different.  My initial thoughts were that I would start a nail salon.  However, that evolved into a waxing studio and then eventually it evolved into Sugar & Hive Beauty Bar.  My point is that Sugar & Hive has been years in the making.  It was a dream.  It seemed so farfetched and out of reach that today I still can't believe this is my reality.

Since opening our gorgeous doors on April 30th of 2018 we have completed over 4,631 services.  We have had over 1,487 first visits.  We have over 225 members.  We have had a total of 18 employees come and go (THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST CHALLENGING PART OF THE JOURNEY and also the most rewarding).  We are adding 3 more master estheticians to our team and a second team member to our front desk staff and operations.

My biggest hurdle has been the employees.  I say that because I have either fired or mutually agreed to end employment of 8 of the 18!  This number hurts my heart so much and has taught me many lessons.  First lesson is to always follow your instinct.  Second, never be afraid to ask for help.  Third, never let an employee or anyone for that matter compromise my reputation or the reputation of our beautiful beauty bar and our team!  My biggest hurdle is not without reward.  I realize I had to go through this journey to find the right team and I am incredibly grateful for the team I have built and specifically for Kristen, my spa manager, who stayed with me through the thick of it.  She inspires me everyday and is a huge part of Sugar & Hive.

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My most gratifying experience has been to see the impact that we have made on all of you and how we have changed your skin and confidence.  Professional skin care and providing the very best in skin, brows, and natural lash services is my top priority! It is my "WHY" and it brings me to tears weekly as I read messages and emails from our sweet clients.  Our goal has always been to offer services that did not waste your time or your money but instead are guaranteed to deliver results!  The bonus is that we created this beautiful, warm, and comfortable environment that exudes positive energy and will always make you feel welcome.

Business is in my blood.  I love numbers and I live and breathe this beautiful business.  I am well aware that 20% of small businesses fail the first year.  The failure rate increases at year 2 to 30% and then again at year 5 to 50% and year 10 to 70%!  I do not take this lightly and I am well aware of the fact that the rug can be pulled from under me or us here at Sugar & Hive at any given moment.  Because of this fear, I promise you that I will always stay ahead of the game.  I promise that we will always deliver what you want and more.  I promise to always provide our employees with an opportunity to grow and pursue their passions and dreams.  I promise to always do our very best to exceed your expectations and take every bit of feedback to make us better.  We could care less what others are doing around us.  We promise to always give back to our beautiful community.  We promise you to always provide the very best products and services.  We promise to always stay approachable and warm!

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for believing in us and being a part of our dream and for making this a reality.  

On behalf of myself, my team, and all who have helped create Sugar & Hive, THANK YOU for everything and I love you all so very much.