Autoimmune Disorders & Your Skin...Kristen's Story.


I think telling a woman that she has perfect skin is one of the greatest compliments you can give. 

I hear this from my client’s daily and my response is always, “thank you, but it hasn’t always been this way.” 

You see, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease back in May of 2016. Although, I have dealt with the illness for most of my life. 

One of the main symptoms for me is having lesions and ulcers on my skin.  ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and talk about a knock on my confidence.

The flare-ups started on my extremities, until one day I woke up with a large red lesion on my chin.  I cried all morning while getting ready for work… then I dusted myself off and I took on the day.  When I got home, it had progressed, and was so painful.  

I started to have more flare ups: on my face, on my fingers, on my legs, and on my feet.  The next day I saw the dermatologist. After looking at my health history and seeing my symptoms, she was in disbelief that this was happening to me.  

I was diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease. Behcet’s Disease is rare, and it is tricky.  At this time there is currently is NO cure! WHAT?!?! 

I battled with being sick on and off for years until I went into remission January 2018, where I was grateful enough to go off all medication and control my symptoms with diet and lifestyle.

Ya’ll, I cannot express how much diet affects your skin!  I rant about this daily but it’s so true.  Your skin is your largest organ and your gut health determines how well your entire body will function.  What you put into your body and how you treat your body is not something to be taken lightly.  Now, again, I am not perfect.  I will have white sauce when I go to a Mexican restaurant, but that’s beside the point. 

FAST FORWARD to Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019.  I am in a flare and I am sad about it and that’s okay.  I recently went back on birth control pills and it has triggered an immune response in my sensitive body.  As I felt myself reach for the concealer this morning, I felt very humbled.  I sat there for a minute and I thought to myself how lucky I have been to be flare free for so long and how grateful I am for my education and my job for keeping me consistent in my skin care regime because I know how much it has helped!  (Dermaplaning and regular facials has completely changed my skin and my life, but we’ll save that for another time.)  I put the concealer down and took a deep breath in and reminded myself that I am not perfect.  I do not need to cover up my battle wounds with make-up.  I am human, and in a lot of ways, I am just like many of you.  I share the struggle in my own way.  


We all are on our own journey, whether you get autoimmune-related skin issues like me, have hormonal acne, that deep wrinkle that just won’t budge, I promise I get it.  And I promise that we are all here for you. If you need help or guidance book your appointment today and let us do what we do best…help you gain confidence and control of your skin.



Summer Layton