Wash Your Face Every Single Day!

There is a lot of speculation and opinions out there about washing your face. Do I wash once a day? Do I wash twice a day? Will it hurt my skin if I do not wash my face on a daily basis? So many questions!!!


The reality of healthy skin is that you have to take care of it …

How do you take care of it? Well, I suggest monthly facials AND good home care. By good home care I mean by using quality products at home. The basics are a cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and a night cream that has a powerful retinol in it. Of course, you can get crazy and add serums that address a multitude of concerns. For the sake of this blog post we will start with step one in your home care and the MOST important step in my opinion! Think about cleansing your face like this: If you go to the gym to exercise and feel and look better but come home and eat twenty Oreos (guilty) does it really make a difference that you went to the gym in the first place? I realize that there could be strong arguments here but my point is that if you take care of your skin and spend money on products, facials, and even makeup…CLEAN YOUR FACE!

So, how often should we cleanse our face? Once, twice, or not at all?

Our opinion at Sugar & Hive and my personal opinion is that you should wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bed and after major sweat-sessions. This does not include cleansing wipes! I will go in to that later in this post.

Throughout the day and the night we sweat, we produce excess oils, we have left over debris from the environment and makeup left on our skin, and we have debris on our pillowcases. Yes, even if you cleanse your face once at night you will still have debris left over. Don’t believe me? Take a toner after you have washed your face and stare with fascination as you look at the debris on your cotton ball after you do a couple of passes!

How to properly wash your face: Use lukewarm water. Do not scrub. Your cleanser should leave your skin fresh and clean but never tight and dry-feeling. If your skin is tight and dry it means you are over-cleansing your skin and depleting the skin’s hydration.

What cleansers do we recommend? Well, we can say with certainty that we DO NOT recommend Cetaphil. Click here to read an interesting blog from another esthetician about Cetaphil.

Our thoughts are not as harsh as the author of this post but we are all in agreement that there are absolutely no good benefits to using this cleanser. Your skin concerns and type will determine the right cleanser. If you have dry skin we recommend a cream-based cleanser or oil-based cleanser. If you have frequent breakouts we recommend a gel-based cleanser that contains salicylic acid. We recommend meeting with one of our estheticians to determine the right one. It doesn’t mean we will try to sell you one of ours, (although, we are partial to our products) it just means we will make suggestions depending on your budget and skin type. Easy as pie.

Face wipes! We have nothing positive to say about face wipes. Stay away from them. They do nothing but spread around the dirt, makeup, oil build-up, bacteria, and pollution! They also contain drying alcohols and fragrance. See what I mean? Noting good! When you use the wipes you are leaving whatever is in the wipes on your face along with all of the other grime!

What happens when I do not wash my face? It ages you! Your pores will be clogged and you will experience frequent break-outs. Your skin will be dull. It will take longer for your cells to turnover. Nothing good comes from not washing your face. It has not been proven to benefit your skin. It just is kinda yucky in our opinion. We are here to help convert you to a twice-a-dayer! Muah.

My sweet friends, wash your face twice a day. I promise you will see a difference in your skin! If you are not sure of what type of cleanser is best for your skin we recommend you book a consultation with one of our skin therapists. They are all certified master estheticians who are passionate about helping you. Click here to book your appointment.

We will see you soon Sugar!