For Glowing Skin, Consistency is Key!

Learn more about consistent skincare with Sugar & Hive's three annual memberships that can be customized to meet your skincare needs at Richmond, Va.'s newest beauty bar!

A classic line from Steel Magnolias is, “It takes some effort to look like this!” I love this quote because, well, it’s honest! From eating well and exercise to using high quality products and consistent skincare. For glowing skin, you get out what you put in! Literally! While genetics do play a significant role in skin health, there are so many other factors to consider! 

Sugar & Hive considers all of those factors for you.

If you’ve read my first blog post, you’ll learn that part of my mission was to discover products I don’t like in order to bring you products you love. I visited beauty bars all over the country who may have offered great products, but still, something was missing. My truest mission is to provide a concierge service for your skin, essentially. We’re not here to complete a service and then push our priciest product on you. We’re the place that works with you in discovering the best products for YOUR skin. We’ve considered all of the other factors so you don’t have to.



When you become a member of the Sugar & Hive family, you’re placing your skin in the hands of estheticians who are determined to understand YOUR skin. Every visit is one step closer to our determining exactly what works best for you! 

We only have a few more days to sign up for our two pre-opening memberships with once-in-a-lifetime discounts [click here to learn more]. But we’ll always have our three annual memberships which can also be custom created to meet your skincare needs!

The Sweet Exchange
Like to change things up month by month? Then The Sweet Exchange membership is for you! The Sweet Exchange enables you to switch between the 30 Minute Mini for one month, and the 45 Minute Classic the next! How sweet is that!?

The Classic 45
What makes a classic woman? A woman who knows what she likes! The Classic 45 membership is for the woman who likes to keep her routine consistent with her monthly modern day European facial.

The Remedy 60
The Remedy 60 membership is your dependable results-driven treatment. You've met with our skin therapists, and they've nailed down that customized treatment that addresses all of your unique skincare needs on a monthly basis. The only thing missing from this remedy is the honey!

Click here to become a member of the Sugar & Hive family today, sugar!

Caroline Kalentzos